EPSA|ERNICA Newsletter (Issue 3, May 2022)

The third EPSA|ERNICA Registry Newsletter (Issue 3, May 2022) has been published!
You can read it here.

The ERNICA Registry Project and the OCELOT study

This communication sets out the relationship between the ERNICA Registry project and the OCELOT study, two separate activities which, while different in their origin and focus, are nevertheless significantly complementary.

EPSA|ERNICA Newsletter (Issue 2, Aug 2021)

The second EPSA|ERNICA Registry Newsletter (Issue 2, Aug 2021) has been published.
You can read it here.

EPSA|ERNICA Newsletter (Issue 1, Sept 2020)

The first EPSA|ERNICA Registry Newsletter (Issue 1, Sept 2020) has been published!
You can read it here.