ePAG members

Within ERNICA we have an active group of patient representatives involved in ERNICA activities. In all diagnostic groups covered in ERNICA, the patient's voice is represented through the involvement of ePAG members. The first official ERNICA patient support group representatives' meeting was held in Paris in June 2018. Both ERNICA clinicians and patient representatives attended this meeting.   

Patient organization Representative Country
EAT Graham Slater United Kingdom ePAG role
EAT Anke Widenmann-Grolig Germany ePAG role
EAT JoAnne Fruithof The Netherlands ePAG role
CDH UK Beverley Power United Kingdom ePAG role
SoMA Nicole Schwarzer Germany ePAG role
SoMA Annette Lemli Germany ePAG role
Amorhi Duccio Cavalieri Italy ePAG role