Bowel management in children with Anorectal Malformations (ARM)

Posted on 25 March 2021

eUROGEN and ERNICA have launched a special webinar series on Anorectal Malformations (ARM). Click here to view the schedule. The next webinar titled 'Bowel management in children with ARM' will take place on 30 March 2021 at 18.00 CET. This webinar will focus on the importance of bowel management in patients operated for anorectal malformations.

The webinar will be presented by Dr. Barbara Daniela Iacobelli, paediatric surgeon at Children's Hospital Bambino Gesu in Rome, and June Rogers MBE, a former specialist nurse and representative for the patient organisation Bladder & Bowel UK, and is aimed at both healthcare professionals and patient groups. This is the fifth webinar in the series covering all aspects of paediatric colorectal surgery, in particular (congenital) anorectal malformations. It is a joint presentation between ERN eUROGEN and ERN ERNICA, and is supported by the European Paediatric Surgeons’ Association (EUPSA).

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