Support to Ukrainians

Posted on 02 March 2022
EURORDIS Rare Disease Europe have issued a statement which calls for the European Union, the United Nations, WHO Europe and other UN agencies, humanitarian organisations and the international community at large to protect the most vulnerable, who are caught in the conflict in Ukraine, who are unable to flee and without access to humanitarian aid:
Within the Esophageal Atresia patient community, EAT (Esophageal Atresia Global Support Groups) is reaching out to offer support to the Ukrainian national rare disease organisation and various Ukrainian family members who are members of EAT member associations. This includes offering to provide necessary equipment or consumables. The German EA support group KEKS has also offered to host family members at its facility in Stuttgart, and provide logistical support to transport a family from the Polish-Ukraine border. The UK-based EA charity TOFS has supported this effort by donating 1000 EUR to EAT.