ESPGHAN monothematic conference on the oesophagus

03 - 04 October 2019 Lille, France

The ESPGHAN conference on the oesophagus: from malformation to motility is taking place in Lille from 3-4 October. 

Please see below for information on the conference: 

There is an increasing interest for oesophageal diseases in children, which include rare diseases ie oesophageal atresia and achalasia and the emerging burden of eosinophilic oesophagitis, as well as frequent pathologies or symptoms such as GERD, belching and feeding difficulties. There have been recent developments in the understanding of these diseases and assessment of their natural story and outcome, as well as treatment. This conference will address the more recent progresses in motility, surgery, pathophysiology and endoscopy. It will associate outstanding speakers in the field, in a multidisciplinary approach, including expert in motility, endoscopy, adult surgeon and GI, speech therapist, pediatric surgeon, and basic scientists. This conference is opened to pedGI, Allied Health professional as well as any specialist (basic scientist, pediatric surgeon) involved in these pathologies. 

Clinicians involved in ERNICA are on the programme and Prof. dr. René Wijnen, ERNICA's coordinator will give a lecture on 'Esophageal surgery, cure or harmful?' 

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