Area of expertise

Our Pediatric Surgery department in the University Medical Center of Utrecht is a center of expertise for esophageal atresia, recognized by the Ministry of Health and supported by the National Parents/Patients Assocation (VOKS). The department also has acquired European recognition by ERNICA. Patients are referred to our center for secondary or tertiary care center for the management of all types of esophageal atresia and tracheomalacia. Our epartment is one of the two centers that performs minimal invasive surgery on patients with esophageal atresia as well as tracheomalacia. We are also the only reference center that treats patients with complications due to tracheomalacia. The department is internationally renowned for its management of both esophagel atresia and tracheomalacia in all its aspects and patients are referred from all over Europe to our center. The Department will shortly open a combined center of expertise for "Upper GI and Airway Pathology".

UMC Utrecht

The Netherlands

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Utrecht , The Netherlands