Area of expertise

Erasmus MC Sophia Children's Hospital is providing academic pediatric patient care for one third of the inhabitants of the Netherlands. Erasmus MC is a clinical and research institute for early diagnosis and optimal medical treatment of both syndromic and non-syndromic anatomical malformations and intestinal failure. In this setting we aim to achieve the best possible care and treatment for individual patients and their families with a clear focus on innovation and new treatment possibilities. Rare congenital anatomical malformations are a priority area of the HCP. Beside clinical research, also translational research is performed concerning congenital anatomical malformations. For the areas of expertise, the HCP is as a fully recognized center of expertise by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Wellbeing and Sports.

Care is covered from pre-conception to adult care. Patient care quite commonly starts within the department of Obstetrics and Gynecology/prenatal medicine and in close collaboration with department of Clinical Genetics care of the newborn with anatomical congenital malformations is transferred to the department of Pediatric Surgery. Multidisciplinary care is offered by several departments within the Erasmus MC. A longitudinal multidisciplinary follow-up program (also including psychologists, pediatric physical therapists and pediatricians) provides for standardized and regular assessments from 0-17 years. At 17-18 years transition of care to adult disciplines, e.g. Gastroenterology&Hepatology, Pulmonology or Surgery is warranted. Outcome data are being evaluated on a regular basis. The results of these evaluations are not only being used for scientific publications but also for further improvement of care and to initiate randomized controlled intervention studies. Moreover, the HCP provides for second opinions for patients treated in other hospitals in and outside the Netherlands. The HCP is leader in developing national and international standards of quality of care (e.g. esophageal atresia, Hirschsprung's disease) and guidelines for postnatal management and follow-up (e.g. congenital diaphragmatic hernia).

Erasmus MC

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