Affiliated partners

Affiliated partnership is a European Commission-led initiative developed to address concerns regarding the geographic coverage of the ERNs. In 2019 a call was open for healthcare providers to apply to become 'affiliated partners' of an ERN. Applicants had to be designated on a national level but were not required to meet the same criteria as ERN members. Affiliated partner designations could not be made by member states with a member hospital already involved in ERNICA.

There are two types of affiliated partner - Associated National Centre and National Coordination Hubs.

ERNICA affiliated partnerships have been formalised for the following healthcare providers:

University Hospital Graz (Austria) Associated National Centre

Kepler University Hospital Linz (Austria) Associated National Centre

General Hospital of Vienna (Austria) Associated National Centre

Sozial Medical Center East, Wien (Austria) Associated National Centre

Children's Clinical University Hospital, Riga (Latvia) Associated National Centre

Vilnius University Santaros Clinics (Lithuania) Associated National Centre

Hospital of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Kauno Klinikos (Lithuania)Associated National Centre

University Hospital Centre Zagreb (Croatia) - Associated National Centre

Tartu University Hospital (Estonia) - Associated National Centre

Mater Dei Hospital (Malta) - National Coordination Hub

Semmelweis University, Institute of Genomic Medicine and Rare Disorders (Hungary) - National Coordination Hub

Clinical institute for medical genetics, University medical centre, Ljubijana (Slovenia) - National Coordination Hub

Centre hospitalier de Luxembourg (Luxembourg) National Coordination Hub

The involvement of affiliated partners in ERNICA activities depends on the capacity of the healthcare provider and their level of expertise.