Membership expansion

Healthcare professionals:

Please be informed of the updated information we have received regarding the second call for full ERN membership:


 Announcement of call (End of July 2019)
 Call for new ERN members (Sep-Nov 2019)
 Eligibility check by European Commission (Nov-Dec 2019)
 Opinion of the ERNs (Dec 2019-Apr 2020)
 Independent Assessment Body (IAB) assessment (May 2020-Oct 2020)
 Approval procedure by the ERN BoMS (Nov-Dec 2020)

Centres applying for full membership will need to fulfil a set criteria and be endorsed by their national government. We will post more information when we receive the call terms. The network-specific criteria used as part of the 2016 call for full members can be found here:

Up until the ‘call for full members’ launch date (expected September 2019), member states can designate ‘affiliated partners’. Affiliated partners are not members of an ERN and they are not required to meet the same criteria. Furthermore, if a member state already has a healthcare provider involved in the network as a full member, they cannot designate an affiliated partner. Affiliated partners are expected to provide a link to the ERN for those European countries without a healthcare provider involved. They thus address the concerns related to the geographic coverage of the networks.

Affiliated partners may at a later stage, if they are healthcare providers and have the required expertise, become ERN members (in compliance with the procedures for membership applicable to any healthcare provider)

More information on affiliated partnership and the application process can be found here

Patients and/or families and support groups:

Patients and/or their families who are interested in joining the network as a patient representative can contact Olivia Spivack (project manager):

This also applies to patient support groups who wish to be involved in the network or find out more about it.