ERNICA site visit
ERNICA site visit program was piloted in Helsinki 30.11.-1.12.2017. The visit in Helsinki was built around esophageal atresia and each center was invited to send a scholar to the meeting. There are currently 20 centers in ERNICA and altogether 13 ERNICA centers were represented. We invited Baltic colleagues to the meeting as well to spread the knowledge about ERNICA among EU members that are not participating ERNICA. Other Finnish university hospitals (Oulu, Tampere, Kuopio, Turku) were represented as well. Altogether 44 persons from 10 countries took part in the first site visit organized by the network.

The second site visit is organized by the Academic Medical Center in Amsterdam (end of 2018) and will focus on intestinal failure.

ERNICA exchange program 
Within the ERNICA network an exchange program is set up. Both consultants and fellows can make short visits to other member centers. It would be a great opportunity for fellows to gain expertise within the ERNICA centers. Listed below are the specifications for the exchange program.

  • Call is open for both consultants and fellows
  • Opportunity for medical staff of (non-) member centers to gain expertise within ERNICA centers
  • Onsite training by expert professionals within ERNICA
  • Period of 1 day - 2 weeks