The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS)

The Clinical Patient Management System (CPMS) is a web-based clinical software application allowing healthcare providers from all over the EU to work together virtually to diagnose and treat patients with rare, low prevalence and complex diseases. The CPMS is accessible to all ERNICA members. However, ‘guest accounts’ can also be granted for healthcare professionals from non-member countries should they wish to seek expert advice from the network. 


  • Encouraging active use of CPMS: ERNICA encourages healthcare professionals within the network to use the CPMS. We aim to support individuals with their registration and share positive experiences of using the platform with our members.
  • CPMS training: The European Commission organises regular webinars on the CPMS. ERNICA plays an active role in disseminating information on these webinars to members. ERNICA has also organised for Rebecca Pulvirenti (ERNICA's CPMS helpdesk officer) to deliver training to members.


  • Continued support with registrations and training
  • ERNICA customised data set in CPMS: We hope to develop ERNICA-specific data sets on the CPMS

Please email Rebecca Pulvirenti (ERNICA's CPMS helpdesk officer) if you have any questions (no patient information to be sent).