Area of expertise

The hospital of Timone Enfants is providing highly specialized medical care according to evidence based medicine and the foundation for the mission is based on three principals objectives: 1. Provision of health care, 2. Educational program, and 3. Clinical and fundamental Research.

The Marseille CDH center provides expertise in CDH care in collaboration with Clamart and Lille centers for prenatal diagnosis and prenatal and postnatal surgical and intensive care, gastro-intestinal and pulmonary outcomes and the long term follow up. This center is included in FIMATHO national network (thoracic and abdominal malformations): such as esophageal malformation, gastroschisis, omphalocele.

Furthermore, the Marseille center provides expertise in esophageal atresia including prenatal diagnosis, surgical management and multidisciplinary follow-up and the management of the national database.

The department of pediatric surgery of the Timone’s Children Hospital is also a regional reference center for advanced pediatric surgery for others thoracic and abdominal malformations such as Hirschprung disease, anorectal malformation (Neurosphinx French network). The expertise in neurogenic bladder dysfunction complete the global management of pelvic malformations.

At the national level, these reference centers have a leadership position in the strategy management (defining the objectives of the national networks, writing and promoting national guidelines and published on HAS (Higher Health Authority) website, organizing national meetings, developing national registries, promoting the development of clinical and experimental studies).

Transition to the adult care for adolescents and young adults is well organized.

Our department of pediatric surgery has been accredited by the UEMS section of pediatric surgery as a national and European training center.

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