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ERNICA offers two possibilities for (clinical) exchanges:

1. ERNICA-EUPSA clinical exchange programme

This programme offers fellows and consultants from EU-member states the opportunity to learn from colleagues in the field and will be customized to the needs of the applicant (e.g. focus on complex surgical techniques or multidisciplinary care). More information on the programme and how to apply can be found below.

2. ERNICA-ERN exchange programme 2021-2022 (Applications no longer accepted)

This programme aims to harmonize specific knowledge and reduce gaps in expertise in the clinical capacities and organization of the network. The programme is open to all healthcare professionals (e.g. psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians) from ERN member and affiliated partner hospitals. More information on the programme and how to apply can be found below.


1. ERNICA-EUPSA clinical exchange programme

The ERNICA clinical exchange programme was officially launched in January 2020! Candidates can now apply for a travel grant to visit an ERNICA centre for clinical training purposes.

Within ERNICA we have the expertise and resources available to set up a clinical exchange programme for training purposes. This exchange programme will offer fellows and consultants the opportunity to learn from colleagues in the field. The programme will be customized to the specific needs of the applicant and can focus for example on complex surgical techniques and multidisciplinary care. The exchange programme will be open for fellows and consultants working in ERNICA centers, but also candidates from EU member states not included in ERNICA are welcome to participate in this programme.

Key features

  • Continuous programme starting in January 2020
  • 10-15 exchanges per year are funded by ERNICA, until August 2023
  • Trainee/fellows and consultants can apply
  • Candidates from ERNICA and non-ERNICA centres (EU members) are welcome to apply
  • Visit duration ranges from 1-2 days (consultant) to max two weeks (trainee/fellow)
  • Budget of max 1500 EUR per visit to cover travel and accommodation

Participating centres
The following ERNICA centres are already participating in this programme and by clicking on the centre you can find the available programmes. Program details to be confirmed with selected candidates.

How to apply
Please send your CV and application form to the ERNICA coordination team (


2. ERNICA - ERN Exchange Programme 2021-2022 (Applications no longer accepted)

What is it about?

The European Commission in cooperation with ECORYS has launched a Clinical Exchange Programme to share knowledge and to stimulate collaboration between healthcare professionals in European Reference Networks (ERNs). The programme is designed to strengthen the clinical capacities and organisation of the Network.

The aim of the ERN Exchange Programme is to harmonize specific knowledge and reduce gaps in expertise. The basic idea is to transmit expert knowledge by experts visiting other sites or on-site training of professionals at experienced ERNICA centres. The programme is open to  all healthcare professionals (e.g. psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians) from ERN member and affiliated partner hospitals.

Facts about the visit packages: 

  • 34 one-week exchange packages are available to ERNICA
  • The packages are valid until January 2023
  • Each package includes travel expenses plus 5*200€/day for accommodation and other expenses
  • Packages can be combined to allow two or more professionals (e.g. from different fields of specialty) to travel to the same hosting centre
  • The package does not include insurance for professional liability and costs incurred by the hosting health care professionals

We are envisioning the following typical scenarios for this programme:

  • Member(s) of a MDT or team experts related to the care of our specific rare diseases (e.g. psychologists, nurses, physiotherapists, dieticians) visit another MDT for horizontal exchange on different specific expertise fields.
  • A fellow or junior/trainee pediatric surgeon from a member centre travels to a renowned ERNICA member centre to receive hands-onsite training.

Scope of the visit

The scope of the visit includes medical practice and skills and/or organisational aspects of ERNICA. The medical practice and skills cover clinical aspects, as well as psychosocial support.

Who is eligible?

All health professionals working in the ERN member/partner centres are eligible. This includes all related disciplines such as psychologists, nurses and other involved personnel. Patient (representatives) are also eligible, on the condition that the visit contributes to the scope of the programme as described above.

Clinical exchanges will be approved following the specific ERNICA criteria:

  • Urgency of the case and need for knowledge exchange
  • Expected added value for both host and visitor
  • Requests from HCPs in smaller population countries and request for specific MDT member exchange
  • Balanced geographical spread and knowledge exchange between network members
  • Countries with less HCP members and exchange opportunities

* The criteria for the selection of candidates presented above will be reviewed and adjusted, if needed, following first visits.

Hosting centres

Hosting centres should be members of ERNICA, exchanges to members of other ERNs are allowed.

Examples of eligible professionals

  • (Specialized) nurses
  • Psychologist
  • Physiotherapist
  • Surgical assistant
  • Dietician

For more information about the Exchange programme please click here.

All frequently asked questions you can find here FAQ.

Please consider to become a visiting expert, trainee or a hosting institution in this new exchange programme. You can express your interest to apply as HOST and/or VISITOR by contacting: Iris den Uijl (