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Where can I find out more about ERNs?

You can find out more about ERNs on the European Commission website

This website is available in multiple different languages. 

You can also find out more by watching this video and by reading this flyerThese are available in all European languages and can be accessed via this link under 'Related information':

How can I stay updated on ERNICA activities?

You can stay updated on ERNICA activities by regularly checking the ERNICA website. You can also follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn

How can my healthcare centre join ERNICA?

See membership expansion section of website. 

Where can I find out more about the CPMS?

This video provides a helpful overview of the CPMS. 

How do I gain access to the CPMS?

The CPMS is accessible to ERNICA members. You will need an EU log in to gain access to the CPMS. You can create this here

Following this, you will need to request access to the CPMS:

Centres not involved in ERNICA may be granted guest access to the CPMS on request. If you have any queries please email the ERNICA project managers (See contact page for details)

What does my involvement in ERNICA mean?

If you are involved in ERNICA as a healthcare professional, you are committed to ERNICA's objectives. You may be involved in different project-based activities. You can find more information on current activities under the ‘network activities’ tab. You may also make use of the CPMS.