Organisation of ERNICA

The ERNICA coordination office is based at Erasmus University Medical Center, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Coordinator: Prof. dr. René Wijnen

Project managers: Renée de Ruiter, Olivia Spivack, Carlos Vrins and Iris den Uijl

There are two diagnostic groups (‘Work streams’) covered by ERNICA:

1. Malformations of the digestive system [With working groups for esophageal diseases, intestinal diseases, intestinal failure and gastroenterological diseases]

2. Malformations of the diaphragm and abdominal wall [With working groups for Malformations of the diaphragm and Abdominal wall defects]

Workstreams and working groups are co-led by ERNICA healthcare professionals and patient representatives where possible.

The network engages in nine areas of work (‘Workpackages’), which are applicable to both diagnostic groups:

  • Management
  • Dissemination
  • Evaluation
  • Standards of Care
  • Training
  • Research
  • e-Health
  • Fetal medicine 
  • Networking

Workpackages are led by ERNICA healthcare professionals.

You can read more about ERNICA activities here.