How can ERNICA support me as a patient or healthcare professional?

Do you have or are you a family member of a child with a rare inherited and congenital digestive disorder or gastro-intestinal disorder? Are you struggling to get a diagnosis or treatment?

Are you a healthcare professional looking for highly specialised advice? 

ERNICA may be able to help you. 

Patients cannot refer themselves directly to receive the support of an ERN. However, with a patient's consent and in accordance with the rules of their national health system, a patient’s information can be referred to the relevant ERN member in their country by their local healthcare provider. Their local health care provider can then access expert advice from the network, if this is needed.

If you are a patient or family member interested in accessing support from ERNICA, we encourage you to speak to your local healthcare provider. You can let them know about ERNICA, a multidisciplinary network of highly specialised healthcare professionals from across Europe who may be able to provide you with expert advice. 

Here is a downloadable flyer and video link that you can give to your healthcare provider for more information



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